At SERV'ALL Plumbing & Rooter Service, we are experts when it comes to water lines, water pipes, and mains.

From new installation to repair - if it's broke we can fix it, if you need it we got it. Some of our water line services include:

New water line installation.
  • Water main and water line repairs
  • Water line re-piping
  • New water line construction
  • Repairs and replacements on outside water ine services
  • Check or replace pressure reducing valves to control incoming water pressure
  • Installation of water filters
  • Frozen pipe emergencies
  • Frozen pipe bursts
  • Thaw frozen pipes
  • Winterization services
Frozen water line leak repair.

Frozen Water Lines

Damage from frozen and broken water pipes can be a homeowner's worst nightmare.

We don't normally think of damage from frozen and broken pipes as being on the same scale as a natural disaster. In fact it ranks number 2 behind hurricanes in terms of both the number of homes damaged and the amount of claim cost in the U.S.

When water freezes it expands 9 percent and if there is no room for expansion its possible that the pipe will burst. Water from frozen and broken pipes can cause the most damage because the plumbing can rupture and run unnoticed for several days.

Fixing a burst pipe can be expensive but the damage from uncontrolled water leakage can easily reach the thousands. Damages can include soaked and ruined drywall, wallpaper, kitchen cabinets, carpet, and draperies.

Not to mention personal items such as photo albums, antiques and clothing that can be destroyed. Sometimes homes have to be gutted because of mold and mildew due to waters wrath.

Unlike hurricanes, frozen and broken water lines can be preventable. Efforts to prevent pipes from breaking in your home will save you from the nightmare of water damage. Taking a few precautions before the next freeze sets in may save your home from the devastating effects of frozen and broken water pipes.

Information as simple as knowing where and how to shut off the water supply can save your home and your wallet. Quick action can minimize damage.

We recommend winterizing exterior faucets, exposed piping, drinking fountains, cabanas or pool houses. Also insulating pipes on outside walls and attic spaces to avoid freeze breaks. Call us today to schedule a technician to come and evaluate to winterize your home.

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