DIY Water Leak Test

Do you think you might have a water leak in your home?  There are many types of water leak detection tests you can do yourself first before calling a professional water leak plumber specialist if your suspected water leak isn’t an emergency situation – yet.  You can often save yourself money by doing these DIY water leak test first before calling in the water leak pros.  Once you have conducted the following water leak tests, and you still haven’t found any leaks in your home, then we highly recommend that you call the water leak pros at Serv’All Plumbing and drain cleaning to ensure you don’t have a hidden water leak that could turn into a water leak emergency and cause major damage on your home that could cause mold issues.

Here is a basic Do It Yourself water leak test you can conduct on your home:

Home Leak Detection – The Water Meter Test

If you’ve notice an unusually high water bill in the last month or two and don’t think you’ve used more water than usual, then you will want to do this DIY water leak test in your home.  You can conduct this test without hiring a plumber or any other water leak detection professional.  Once you get the results from your test, you will know for sure if you have a major water leak or a small water leak.

How to do the water meter test

  1. Set aside 30 minutes to take the test. During this time no water should be used on your property.
  2. Make a note of the current reading on your water meter. If you are having trouble finding your meter, most units are in the ground, in a box near the front of your house.
  3. Come back in 30 minutes to check the meter. If the numbers are the same as they were when you started the test, you do not have a leak in the pressurized water system and you can stop the test here.
  4. If the numbers did change, go inside and shut off the valves under all your property’s toilets. Repeat the test.
  5. If the numbers did not change after shutting off all the valves, it means the leak is coming from a toilet.
  6. If the numbers changed even after turning off all the valves, you will need a professional leak inspection.
    For an idea as to how big your leak is, subtract the numbers showing on your meter of the test from the number you wrote down at the beginning. The result is the total number of gallons of water your leak is wasting (some municipalities have different means of measurement).
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