How To Unclog A Slow Draining Sink

Does your bathroom sink drain slowly?  Do you get tired of always having to wipe out your sink because soap doesn’t rinse away quickly?  Not sure of the best way to unclog a slow drain?  In this article, you will received helpful tips from your professional and local plumbing company in Acworth, GA.

Plumbing Tips From Your Plumbing Company In Acworth, GA

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Drain Chemicals Won’t Touch This!

Drain Chemicals Won’t Touch This!

The average homeowner will first resort to purchasing drain cleaners to see if they will unclog their drain.  The issues with chemical drain cleaners and what most people don’t know is that the chemicals in these drain cleaners are dangerous to the environment, your plumbing pipes, and most importantly they are dangerous for the plumbing technician who has to come in and clear this drain that is full of harmful chemical drain cleaner when it does not work as intended.  Here’s the problem…   most chemical drain cleaners use a strong base to break down blockages in your pipes called sodium hydroxide or lye. Sodium hydroxide along with other chemicals such as bleach and small shards of aluminum create multiple chemical reactions in your pipes. These chemicals will break down organic matter such as hair and grease but also create extreme heat and are extremely corrosive to metals and rubbers that your plumbing system is sealed with. So then, what should you do?

How To Clear A Drain Properly

Plumbing Services Acworth GA

Plumbing Services Acworth GA

Typically these drain clogs are a result of hair, hand soap, hair products, and grease being rinsed down the drain daily and over several months.  Many times, a person will only do one of the three steps for clearing a clogged drain which will lead to larger issues down the road.  So the first and most obvious place to check for the source of your clogged drain is the Drain Stopper.

This will be a bit tricky because you have to make room in your bathroom vanity cabinet in order to reach up beneath the sink and detach the pivot rod.  We highly recommend that you place an empty bucket or bowl under your drain pipes first before taking apart the pivot rod attachment.  Then remove the stopper and remove all hair and gunk.

But You Can’t Just Stop There!

Plumbing Services Acworth GA

Clear Clogged Drain Pipes

The next step is to check the trap because if there was build up in the stopper, there’s a good chance there will be some in the trap under the sink.  You already have a bucket and your cabinet is cleared, so why wouldn’t you go the extra mile to ensure you aren’t leaving clogging residue in your pipes?  This is a fairly easy process and only requires large pliers or channel lock wrench at worst but most of the time pipe fittings can be loosened by hand.  Be sure to pour any water that is sitting in the trap into your bucket and then clean out any gunk or hair in the trap.  You can push a paper towel through the trap to ensure it’s totally clear.

Final Step When Clearing Clogged Drains and Pipes

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Snake Drain Pipes and Wall Pipe

This last step may actually surprise you because of what you may pull out of your drains so be sure to go the extra-extra step while you are working under your bathroom sink.  Now detach the pipe at the wall [you will want to have a towel handy for any water that may spill out] and run a pipe snake as far as you can to ensure all hair, debris and gunk is cleared out.

Now put everything back together and run hot water down the drain.  This should take care of your problem, but if your sink is still draining slowly, then you have a bigger problem and will need a professional plumber to come and investigate your slow drain issue further.  We offer video camera sewer and pipe inspection and can also fix any issues that may be present in your pipes.

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